Real Estate in Delhi

Delhi / NCR is one of the most developed regions of India, hence people from all over the country migrate to Delhi for various purposes such as in search of employment, for studies, for tourism, for business purposes and many more reasons. This has resulted in a great development of Property Market in Delhi.

The various reasons for the ongoing development in the Real Estate sector of Delhi/NCR are as follows:
  • Today, the government of India has adopted liberal investment policies that have enabled the people to invest in the real estate sector of Delhi / NCR.
  • Today, Government and Private bank offer investment loans that can facilitate even the middle class people to invest in the real estate sector of Delhi / NCR.
  • Metro connectivity is a major reason for that has influenced the real estate market in Delhi. Earlier, the far off places of NCR like Noida and Anand Vihar were not accessible. But, after the coming in of Metro, these places are also in great demand now.
  • Due to large number of people migrating to Delhi, there is a great demand of residential and commercial properties in Delhi. To meet these demands, construction is also going o at an equally faster rate.
  • Apart from India, many foreign investors are also investing in the real estate market of Delhi, which has given a further boom to the real estate market of Delhi.
  • Delhi is the second biggest metropolis city of India. It has all the world class amenities which attract the people from all over India to invest in the real estate sector of Delhi.

Today, the industrial and commercial property in Delhi/NCR is in great demand. People from all over India and worldwide are opening their offices and companies in Delhi which has increased the employment prospects for the people. Apart from that, there are numerous shopping malls developing in Delhi/NCR, which has facilitated the growth of commercial property market in Delhi. The growth of residential property market is also taking place at an equally faster rate with the development of various builders̢۪ floors in Delhi.

Today, all the big players of real estate sector are investing in the property market of Delhi. Some of the most celebrated names are DLF, Unitech, Amrapali etc. These players are making high tech commercial and residential buildings with all the world class amenities and facilities.

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